March 03, 2021

Condo Living in the Metro: Which Amenities Really Matter?

When in the process of condo-buying, you wouldn’t want to dismiss the amenities in the list of factors to consider. While location and unit sizes are top priorities, remember that amenities also make your residential experience fun and worthwhile. At the end of the day, you wouldn’t only want a place to rest. With proper amenities, you can integrate different facets of your life and, eventually, improve your lifestyle.

Metro Manila is a melting pot of condominium projects. Traditional ones feature typical amenities, such as a gym, play area, and function hall. On the other hand, modern developments are known for housing some of the hippiest amenities like a sky lounge and a themed pool area. In several condominiums, there can be too many amenities available, but here are the most important ones you must check: 

A Fitness Hub 

An ideal fitness hub offers a combination of a fitness station and a swimming pool. Spending some time in the gym may not be the kind of exercise that every resident wants. So there’s always the pool where everyone can do a few laps or go on a leisurely swim with the family. New condo developments like SMDC’s Red Residences include these two classic amenities to encourage residents to live an active lifestyle.

A Collab Corner

Think Wi-Fi-ready lounges and social halls where you can work and socialize. These collab spaces are designed to fit the new normal, where most employees can now work from home. Working at the lounge helps you connect with the rest of the world without actually having to go outside. Meanwhile, social halls help build a sense of community and allow you to create meaningful relationships with other residents.

A Tranquil Space

This part of the condominium may include a reflective garden, think lounge, and jogging trails, where you can do stress-reduction activities like yoga and meditation. The metro’s hubbub can be tiring to the eyes and the mind, making these amenities more important than ever. 

A Commercial Strip 

For a completely hassle-free condo living, modern vertical developments like Red Residences boast a commercial strip, so all the basics and more are within easy reach. If you truly want a fully-integrated lifestyle, this amenity should be on top of your list. A built-in commercial zone with several retail and dining options puts you one elevator ride away from everything you need. 

Putting It All Together at Red Residences

As mentioned, Metro Manila is now home to varied condo developments with distinct features and amenities, but Red Residences is built to stand out. Located in Makati City, this development has all the necessary amenities that help residents balance work, life, and leisure. There’s a space to rest, reflect, communicate, be active, and have fun — an all-in-one place that perfectly captures integrated condo living in the city.

Red Residences also has 24-hour security and roving guards within the premises to ensure everyone’s safety. Front desk and property management services are also available for the convenience of all residents. 

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