March 03, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions on Condo Buying in Makati

The sophisticated facade and impressive sky-high towers of condominiums are highly notable in Makati City. These vertical developments, located near commercial zones and business hubs, have never been more in-demand in today’s fast-paced environment. Indeed, choosing the condo lifestyle is choosing to live a balanced city life.

If you also want to experience the condo lifestyle in Makati, know that you have countless options to choose from, which also means it can be quite challenging to find the right unit. Thankfully, by answering the following questions, you’ll have a clearer vision of which condo unit to buy in Makati. 

Where to Buy a Condo in Makati

If you prefer walkability or shorter commutes to work and other essential establishments, you’d love living in the neighborhood of San Lorenzo Village, San Antonio, or Bel-Air Village. These areas are among the closest to the Makati Central Business District (CBD), so you’ll be practically living at the center of everything.

Condo developments in Chino Roces are also worth considering if you want to be close to two thriving cities, Makati and Taguig. Condominiums in Chino Roces like Red Residences are also popular among starting families because of their proximity to schools and hospitals.

Which is the Right Condo Type for You? 

The most common condo types you’ll come across are studio units and single or multi-bedroom units. For single, young professionals looking for a flexible living space, a studio unit is ideal as it offers an open floor layout. It’s also the most affordable of all unit types because of the limited space. 

For couples and small families, one-bedroom to two-bedroom units, such as those available at Red Residences, can provide enough space for relaxation. Penthouse units are also offered in some condominiums, and they’re usually the choice for luxury living in an urban setting. These units can have their own swimming pool or lanai.

What are the Condo Features and Amenities Worth Having?

Amenities make condo living more comfortable and meaningful. Expansive pools and fitness areas are always a must-have to form healthy habits. There should also be a business lounge for hard-working residents who want to work from home. 

Meanwhile, landscaped gardens, scenic jogging trails, and outdoor lounging areas are great for calming the mind and reconnecting with nature. Red Residences does a fine job of merging these relaxing amenities, as you’ll see in its “focus zone.”

What are the Documents Required When Purchasing a Condo?

If you already have a specific condo in mind, the first legal document you need to prepare is the “Letter of Intent,” which shows your intention to buy the property. Details include the price, reservation fee, payment terms, property description, and other financial clauses. 

If you plan to buy a unit through a bank or another financing mode, you’ll also need a “Letter of Guarantee” from the financial institution.  

Some documents will be provided by the seller or the local government, such as the “Reservation Agreement,” “Contract to Sell,” and “Certificate Title,” among others.

Hopefully, these questions and answers will guide you in choosing and buying the right unit. Makati is home to numerous condos, but you’ll find your way to the right home if you’re informed of the condo-buying process.

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