March 03, 2021

Why Makati City is the Dream Home Location of Urbanites

Makati City gives you the grit, the vigor, and the energy to face each waking day. It’s a financial district, a posh home location, and a lifestyle hub rolled into one urban hotspot. Considering all these, there’s no surprise about the numerous people thinking of moving to Makati.

A true blue Makatizen would tell you that living in Makati is not for the faint of heart. You need to be constantly moving, achieving, and adapting as the city continues to grow. If you love the thrill of being in a fast-paced setting, Makati is the place to be. Here are other things that make the city an excellent home location for most urbanites. 

A Flourishing Career Awaits  

Makati is home to numerous local corporations and foreign businesses that offer various career opportunities. If you already work here, but you live in another city, the more you should consider moving to Makati. Less travel time gives you more energy to do your best at work. At the same time, there are plenty of educational institutions in Makati that can help you further expand your knowledge. This city is the location of prestigious schools and universities offering graduate programs in management, arts, and business.

Entertainment Options Seem Endless

From upscale malls to bustling nightlife hubs, Makati has numerous lifestyle destinations to refresh your mind after a hard day’s work. These lively commercial areas remind diligent Makatizens to take a short break and have fun. 

However, in line with the new normal, getting access to entertainment places may not be as easy as before. This is where condo living comes in. Condominiums in Makati are known for their innovativeness, showcasing a complete set of lifestyle amenities. Some condo projects like Red Residences take it up a notch by integrating their residential building with a commercial area. This means residents only have to ride an elevator to shop for necessities and more.

A High Level of Safety

Safety is a priority in Makati, as seen in the increased police visibility all around the city. With more mobile patrol vehicles, crime rates have been kept on the low side. Meanwhile, modern fire safety equipment and disaster response initiatives boosted the levels of comfort among Makati residents. Condos in the city are also known for their robust safety features. Here, CCTV camera installation and 24/7 monitoring are the standard security measures.

A Home that Symbolizes Success 

Stylish, high-rise condominiums like Red Residences are popular in Makati. These luxury residential buildings perfectly capture the concept of a grand cosmopolitan lifestyle that’s fit for successful young professionals. Such developments have a diverse range of amenities, awarding residents with the luxury of having everything at their fingertips. Space-efficient units are also a prominent feature in Red Residences and other deluxe condo projects in Makati. Some units have a balcony which provides more space and inspiring views of the cityscape.

Right now, there are several good reasons why Makati is the dream home location of many. As the city continues to evolve, there’s no doubt that people will find new reasons to love Makati even more.


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